God formed man from dust and gave him life and breath. (1)
He said those who do not abide my laws shall perish into the pit of death. (2)

God gives each species a different kind of seed and they are never the same. (3)
Men and animals, birds and fish differ and to each species Adam gave a name. (4)

It was no mere man that gave a ransom and redeemed His life for another. (5)
Only God gives life and the number of our days is known by none other. (6)

Jesus provided a way for salvation through God’s plan. (7)
It is through His life, death and resurrection and not through any other man. (8)

Man is physically destined to die and God has set a time for them. (9)
Every man will give an account for his life and the unjust God will condemn. (10)

If karma or reincarnation made sense you would have a memory of your past life to make restitution.
Or how else would man know the evil he committed and how could there be retribution?

If we are to believe that man can come back to life in another body or in a different life force;
Then man could return in the wheel of reincarnation as a cow or a pig, perhaps a quarter horse.

The belief of reincarnation has been around for thousands of years and mummies are fascinating.
Mediums and gypsies, psychics and the occult, and past lives are conceived as hallucinating. (11)

Many people have experienced Déjà vu which is a delay in the optic nerve and memory process.
If reincarnation was a real phenomenon people would have knowledge in their consciousness.

If one accepts karma and past lives they deny the Bible for God appointed unto men only once to die.
Advocates against Biblical teachings say that John the Baptist was once Elijah but that is just a lie. (12)

Some claim that Jesus was the reincarnation of Abraham and that too is absurd. (13)
The devil is a liar and he uses spirits and divination to deceive many and distort God’s Word. (14)

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By Estelle P. Shrum

There are 1.5 billion people today on earth enslaved by the false theory of reincarnation and the Caste System.

The Caste System: The doctrine of reincarnation is the main root of the infamous “caste system”; and the untouchable has no hope of bettering his lot, because his miserable destiny has been predetermined by a former existence.