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How Can We Explain It

How can we explain the relationship we have with the Lord to others? It is likened to the love and respect we have with our father and mothers. (1) It is feeling safe knowing that He is always near. (2) It is comfort and assurance that we need not fear. (3) It is knowledge and the wisdom we derive from…

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God Never Promised Us A Rose Garden

God never promised us tomorrow. (1) He never said there would be no sorrow. He never wished that we would suffer his wrath. (2) He never wanted us to go down the wrong path. He never wanted man to live without His trust. (3) He never wanted us to be involved in infidelity or lust. (4) He never wanted us…

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God Is Good

God is good all the time and all the time God is good. (1) He is the light in the dark for the lost and misunderstood. (2) He is the teacher who gave us laws to lead a healthy life style. (3) He listens to our prayers and lets us know we are worthwhile. (4) He is the Father who…

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Baby Jesus

Imagine Mary and Joseph holding their baby boy. Imagine the love that filled their hearts with joy. (1) Imagine baby Jesus sleeping peacefully in the hay. Imagine the wise men following the star to find their way.(2) Imagine raising the baby who would be Savior and King of kings.(3) Imagine the angels in heaven gathered on golden wings. (4) Imagine…

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All The Broken People

The world is filled with people who are broken and spent. (1) They are weary and discouraged lost in despair and dissent. (2) Their hearts are heavy and life for them is a maze of madness. (3) Some grieve and suffer silently while others cry out in sadness. (4) Our friends and loved ones have trials beyond their capacity. (5) We offer them hope and…

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