Mother Theresa had her doubts while she cared for the poorest of poor.
Imagine caring for masses of suffering people without ever seeing a cure.

Peter fled and hid denying Jesus three times at the sound of the crow. (1)
Jonah ran away from the commission God gave him and refused to go. (2)

The Lord gave Moses the Ten Commandments and instructed him to teach.
Moses told the Lord I cannot lead the Jews for they will mock my speech. (3)

Thomas who walked with Jesus would not accept His resurrection. (4)
He refused to listen until he could perform a physical inspection.

Job was a faithful man but doubted God’s reason and wished he were never born. (5)
His trials were unimaginable but he never denied God’s love even though he felt forlorn.

Paul was blinded, stoned and struggled with his old nature as he took the good news to the nations. (6)
The Jewish leaders held contempt for him and the Gentiles were filled with confusing expectations. (7)

David, a great warrior who slew Goliath mourned his son Absalmon with feelings of abandonment. (8)
Joshua who was called to do an impossible task had anticipation but remained adamant. (9)

Jesus went willingly to the cross but cried out Father why have you forsaken me before he died. (10)
Mary and the Saints were witness to the crucifixion of Jesus while they hung their heads and cried. (11)

All good things come from God and everything he hath created.
Satan is a liar who creates fear and doubt and he is to be hated. (12)

Yes, we all doubt at times because good and evil really does exist.
If we serve the Lord and not ourselves then the devil will be easy to resist.

By Estelle P. Shrum

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