Blessed was the Mother of Jesus among all women ever. (1)
Blessed was she who gave birth to our Lord who lives forever.   (2)

Blessed was Mary the young girl who was appointed to raise God’s Son.
Blessed was she who watched over him till His sacrifice was done. (3)

Blessed was Mary for God saw the innocence and beauty of her soul. (4)
Blessed was she because she knew one day every believer would be whole.

Blessed was Mary that she alone was chosen for such a commission. (5)
Blessed was she who witnessed the miracles of Jesus Christ’s mission. (6)

Blessed was May who guarded the child until he came of age and into His own. (7)
Blessed was she who loved Jesus from birth till death, and now He sits upon the throne. (8)

By   Estelle P. Shrum

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