How can we explain the relationship we have with the Lord to others?
It is likened to the love and respect we have with our father and mothers. (1)

It is feeling safe knowing that He is always near. (2)
It is comfort and assurance that we need not fear. (3)

It is knowledge and the wisdom we derive from obeying Him. (4)
It is confidence in the Lord even though our outlook may be grim.

It is the ability to see beauty in everything. (5)
It is an inescapable faith to accept anything. (6)

It is communing with the Lord all day.
It is trusting in Him come what may. (7)

It is a desire to serve Him with every breath we are given.
It is pure love with compliance and passion that we are driven. (8)

How can we explain our relationship with the Lord to others who do not know?
Can we explain the beauty of winter to someone who’s never seen the snow?

Can we explain the magnificence of the sun as the rays break through the sky?
Can we explain the seasons and smell of rain, or the flowers that bloom in July?

No, we can only try to explain it to others by telling them of the peace we found. (9)
We can tell them to ask Jesus into their hearts so they too will receive a crown. (10)

By   Estelle P. Shrum

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