Even children ask this age-old question, “why are we here?”
What do we tell these little ones that we hold so dear?

The Bible is the only book that clearly answers this question for us.
So take it out of the closet, get it down from the shelf, and brush off the dust.

God said let us make man liken to us when his plan was made.  (1)
But disobedience and sin entered Adam and Eve and God was betrayed.  (2)

Then man was cast out of the perfect environment the Lord provided.
Thus suffering the penalty of knowing good and evil for what he decided.

Evil spread rapidly across the land and the world was rotten to the core. (3)
With a broken heart God destroyed them and then they were no more. (4)

Noah was found to be the only man worth saving on the earth.
He was truly a pleasure to God and a righteous man of worth. (5)

So God spared his family and various kinds of animals from the great flood.
He set down rules for man not to kill and atoned sin with the sacrifice of blood.  (6)

Still man continued to sin in spite of God’s laws and his mercy and love.
Praises for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and for their faith in God above.

For God in his mercy and infinite wisdom devised a plan from the start.
It was to adopt the gentiles and redeem the sinners, all those with a repentant heart.

God said return to me for Jesus has paid the price to set you free.  (7)
Let the Lord rescue you from temptation and the angles will be in jubilee.  (8)

Come to me while there is still time and I will not turn my face from you;  (9)
Jehovah will bring you back toJerusalemmy beloved Gentile and Jew.

We are here because God our Creator gave us life to magnify his holy name.
We give birth to our children liken in our image to hold truths to this claim.

By   Estelle P. Shrum

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