We were told that the Serpent would be struck down for the sins he had done.  (1)
And God would rise up a Prophet from his people, His Only Begotten Son.  (2)

Through the covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Messiah did come.  (3)
The Bible scholars knew that it was from David’s house He would be risen from.  (4)

God promised to establish a righteous King on David’s throne forever.  (5)
Israelshall be refreshed as a river in the desert sheltered from the weather. (6)

Woe toIsraelandJudahfor the sins of disobedience bringing the Lord’s wrath. (7)
Still God’s love gatheredIsraellike sheep and gave them the Messiah to guide their path. (8)

God said He is my servant and my chosen one, in whom I delight; He will guide the nations onto me.  (9)
I have called Him to demonstrate my righteousness and be a light for all the nations to see.  (10)

The prophecies were written long ago of the virgin birth and a messenger to prepare the way. (11)
It was foretold long ago of the Prophet likened to Elijah coming before the judgment day. (12)

How can they discard all they have read and all they have heard
How can they deny who you are once they have read your Word (13)

By  Estell P. Shrum

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