Our home should be filled with joyful kindness and a loving spirit.  (1)
It should be a place where everyone who enters can feel it and share it.  (2)

Our home should be a shelter and refuge while we are here on earth.  (3)
It should be a place for our possessions, but not about financial worth.

Our home should represent the lessons of the future, present and past.
It should be about the memories we hold so dear that longingly last.

Our home should be clean and comfortable, whether we are rich or poor.
It should be a witness that we serve the Lord, and are safe and secure.  (4)

Our home should be decorated in the life style that we live.
It should make a statement of what our hearts have to give.

Our home is where we want to spend the majority of our time.
It should be a place of peace and rest where we can clear our mind.

Our home should be built on the laws of God, and love for another.  (5)
It should be about loving yourself as you do your sister and brother.  (6)

By  Estelle P. Shrum

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2. (1 Timothy 5:14)
3. (Psalm 84:3)
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Joshua 24:15 “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”