Solomon was the wisest man in history
Begot his wisdom through no mystery

He prayed for the power to glorify the Lord
Not for his own adoration or earthly reward

Wisdom is far greater than silver or gold
Throughout Proverbs these truths are told

You won’t attain wisdom from a Masters Degree
Reverence to the Lord is the first steps to be free

Wisdom is truth and light it’s lasting and judicious
It will be given to you with love that’s propitious

Wisdom is prudence knowledge and morality
In seeking this you will escape the chains of mortality

Wisdom is justice and righteousness for His namesake
Giving counsel and sound judgment for those who partake

Wisdom is the simple understanding of the Lord’s ways
Be wise and allow Him to guide you the rest of yours days

By   Estelle P. Shrum

(Pr. Chap. 8), (Pr. 9:10-12)