Fear is paralyzing and makes us want to run and hide.
Fear is harmful and makes us ill destroying us inside. (1)

Fear is terror of the future and anxiety of repeating the past. (2)
Fear is apprehension and dread of not standing steadfast.

Fear is crippling and makes us behave irrationally.
Fear is loneliness creating doubt and makes us act irresponsibly.

Fear is in opposition to faith in God and His desire for believers.
Fear is giving a thresh hold to Satan the master of deceivers. (3)

Fear is also beneficial to keep us aware on guard and grounded.
Fear is able to alert us to danger keeping us from being confounded. (4)

Fear is removed from the Christian by faith through praise and prayer.  (5)
Fear is reverence and awe to the supreme power that Christians declare. (6)

Fear can be overcome by our witness and good ethics in every situation.
Fear can be conquered by trusting in God who has no limitation. (7)

By   Estelle P. Shrum

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