Faith is when we go through bad times but continue to focus on the good.
Faith is a belief that good will conquer evil and everything will be as God deems it should. (1)

Faith is being true to the common sense God gave us of what is right and what is wrong. (2)
Faith is standing up to adversity, strife, despair, and injustice while still remaining strong. (3)

Faith is love and hope, and to thy self staying steadfast and true. (4)
Faith is living in an evil world and still holding on to our virtue. (5)

Faith can move mountains, change the heart, and heal the sick and lame. (6)
Faith can save the sinner and by God’s grace we will no longer carry blame.

Faith trusts the authority of God Almighty although Satan is rampant and rife.
Faith comes by hearing and sharing the Word of God and applying it to our life. (7)

By   Estelle P. Shrum
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