The Bible speaks of man’s sentence to death and it comes in three
The first death came with Adam and Eve when they ate of the tree
Their bodies would grow old and become weak and turn back to dust
Everyone was condemned under sin and his or her lives were now unjust
Because of their disobedience all generations to come would also die
And man would become increasingly evil and wonder why
The second death is the separation from God and being spiritually dead
This is a result of allowing Satan to corrupt your heart and rule your head
The third death is when the Lord returns to judge our lives for all eternity
On that day of reckoning we will meet God and either live or die eternally
We no longer have a choice of a physical death and returning to the ground
But we can choose eternal life by accepting Jesus and forever be heaven bound
By  Estelle P. Shrum
(Gen. 3:11-19), (Ecc. 7:2), (Isa. 25:8), (Jn. 5:24-25), (Ro. 5:12), (Ro. 6:23), (Ro. 8:9),

(Mk. 4:15), (1 Cor.2:14), (Rev. 1:18), (Rev. 20:12-15), (Rev. 21:4)