Jesus spoke of the last days.
Warning us to change our ways.

He said that man would be a lover of thyself.
Warning of man’s greed for riches and wealth.

He gave us the illustration of the fig tree.
Spelling out the end times for us to see.

We all know when summer is near.
The shadows cast before us we should fear.

Not even our Lord knew the time or date.
But this is God’s plan and such is our fate.

God’s heart was broken by the evil spirit of man.
It is time to keep watch and take your stand.

God’s Word is clear and tells us what to abide.
He will come for His own while others fear and hide.

We are likened to the wicked days of Sodom and Gomorra.
Society delights in shows like the Sopranos family horror.

There is seldom honor and man’s morals continue to decay.
The evil life styles and adulterers going about as they may.

The rapture will come and then tribulation.
Our Lord will return thus ending Revelation.

By Estelle P. Shrum

(Ge. 6:5), (Mt. 24:32-42), (Mk. 13:35-37), (Ro. 9:29), (2 Tim. 3:1-5)