There is no other book like God’s Word the Holy Bible.  (1)
It imparts joy and peace with a love that is indescribable.  (2)

It is the Lord’s written Word so we can love abundantly.  (3)
It contains information so we can live fundamentally.  (4)

It gives hope and assurance to people without purpose or direction.  (5)
It declares God’s glory to a lost world without divine perfection.  (6)

It delivers the wisdom of Proverbs and sings Psalms to the Savior.  (7)
It teaches justice and delivers mercy with approval and favor.  (8)

It is through the Holy Spirit that His Word lives and speaks to us.  (9)
It is an awesome tome filled with truth and promises for success.  (10)

It is history and prophecy; and tells us the story of what is to come.  (11)
It is the birth, life, and death of Jesus and to what He did succumb.  (12)

It is the spoken Word of God to each and every heart who will hear.  (13)
It is the Bible, the holiest of books, that all who love God holds dear.  (14)

By  Estelle P. Shrum

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