Do you hear the horses of the apocalypse that is swiftly and rapidly approaching?
The rider on the White Horse who carries a bow without arrows is encroaching. (1)

A crown was given unto the antichrist who will promote peace and calm.
He will fool all non-believers conquering them through dignity and aplomb.

The rider on the Red Horse with mighty power will carry a sword and introduce war. (2)
He will have great power over the people and on the earth peace will be no more.

The rider on the Black Horse will bring injustice and famine like no other devastation. (3)
He will carry a pair of scales and cheat the people of their pennies and cause desperation.

The rider on the Pale Horse is named DEATH, and HELL will follow closely behind. (4)
They were given the authority to kill through pestilence and hunger one forth of mankind.

Do you hear the hoof beats of the apocalypse galloping toward the earth for the Great Tribulation? (5)
If you hear them and are repentant you will be given a white robe and enter the Kingdom with celebration.

By Estelle P. Shrum

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