We are confronted with sin everyday in thought word and deed.
As Christian’s we are convicted and to God’s word we do heed.

The bible tells us blasphemy is the only unpardonable sin.
Judas was the example by betraying Jesus after knowing Him.

Like the prodigal son we can be welcomed home safe in God’s care.
Our tears will be wiped away as all things are possible with prayer.

The secular world is filled with misguided people who are lost sheep.
We must pray for their souls for they will surely sow what they reap.

In God’s eyes sin is sin no matter how great or inconsequential.
We all fall short of God’s glory therefore avoiding sin is essential.

Stay away from those who have no fear of the Lord or sin or shame.
The wages of sin is death so sinners will only have themselves to blame.

Jesus said come to me when you are tempted for you need not to fret.
I am the Lamb who took all your sins to the cross and paid your debt.

By   Estelle P. Shrum

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