Were we not told that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God?
Were we not told God created all things and apart from Him nothing was created?
Were we not told that Adam and his descendants were condemned to death for their desire to be God?
Were we not told that man was separated from the Sprit of God by his decisions?
Was it not said, “Let us make man in our likeness”?
Were we thus not given free will?
How then could we unite again with the Spirit of the living God?
Was not Jesus the blessed sacrifice sent by God to redeem man?
Would He not make provisions to return man to a sinless state for which he was created?
Did God the Father not give Jesus all authority?
Did He not live as a man and die on a cross to bear all sin for mankind?
Does He not now sit at the right hand of the father as from the beginning?
Did He not leave the Holy Spirit with man as he promised before ascending to his Father?
Do we not know the universal God or Jesus who lived as a man but born of the Father in spirit and in truth?
Do we not know the Holy Spirit who dwells in us given by the death of Jesus if only we ask?
Do we not know God the father, His Son Jesus the man, and the Holy Spirit, thus the trinity?
Are we not born with a sense of a higher power or a conscience at birth?
Do we not know a lie even before we know what a lie is?
Would we ever be able to climb to Heaven on our good deeds or works?
Were we not told that Jesus came to free us?
Were we not forewarned of false prophets and to beware?
Were we not commanded not to add anything or take anything away?
Did Jesus not say, “I AM”, did He not say, “IT IS FINISHED”?
Well then in seeking ye shall find all truth be to God

By Estelle P. Shrum

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