Pray continually the Lord commanded. (1)
Don’t babble like the hypocrites he demanded. (2)

Pray in the Spirit with words we cannot express. (3)
Pray with your heart and soul for each request.

The Lengthy prayers of show and repetition;
Are for the misguided without submission.

Allow nothing to hinder your prayers.
Trust your Father he knows your cares.

Prayers are not heard if your heart is wrong. (4)
You must love and forgive singing a new song. (5)

Pray for everything insistently and do not give up.
Jesus sweated droplets of blood in prayer to pass His cup. (6)

Pray with the assurance that it has already been done.
God hears righteous petitions and whom they are from.

We should focus on the Kingdom come what may

Your relationship to Him in prayer is secured.
You will grow in faith and your love is assured.

Sometimes our answers are not what we surmise.
Always remember God is all knowing and wise.

By Estelle P. Shrum

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2. (Mt. 6:5-9)
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