Pastors must be above reproach and have a good reputation. (1)
They must be overseers and wise leaders of their congregation. (2)

They must govern with unfailing love having self-control and respect. (3)
They must teach God’s Doctrine to admonish reproof and correct.

They must have sermons of truth with conviction and lavished with inspiration.
They must be hospitable and kind while in earnest prayer for their flock’s salvation.

They must lead by example and even though sorrows befall them have no guise. (4)
They must not follow the crowd for they know Christ is all knowing and wise.

They must have only one wife and their children must be obedient youths. (5)
They must not be a new Christian in Christ but seasoned in spiritual truths. (6)

They must not be impatient or led by monetary gain, and never be greedy. (7)
They must obey God’s Word with diligence and minister to all the needy. (8)

They must not be proud but grounded in faith and they will receive recognition. (9)
Pastors, Ministers, and Elders, need our prayers for they have a blessed mission. (10)

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By Estelle P.Shrum

Read Chapters (1 Timothy 2,3,4), (1 Peter chapter 5)