God sanctioned the marriage of a husband and wife. (1)
He gave us a helper for the struggles in life.

When we walk with the lord our hearts are right.
Through the dreary days or the darkness of night.

Husbands are to be the head of the household. (2)
And God is the center and foundation we are told.

If we live according to the principles we were given. (3)
The inequities in our marriage will be blessed and forgiven.

If we heed God’s plan there will be no remorse.
There will be no pangs of loss or the sorrow of divorce.

Thank you Father for the blessings we receive from this union.
Through the teachings you gave us we can have a healthy communion.

The husband and the wife, and their offspring form a trinity.
God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the divinity.

By Estelle. P. Shrum

1. (Ge. 2:18-24)
2. (Eph. 5:22-23)
3. (1 Pe. 3:1-7)