I am telling you the truth Jesus said. (1)
I am the Son of the Godhead. (2)

I am the Lord who gathers you together.
I am the authority who blesses you forever.

I am the keeper of the Book who holds the key. (3)
I am the bread of life and heaven is through me. (4)

I am the light in darkness so the blind can see. (5)
I am goodness against evil where you may flee.

I am the living water for all those who thirst. (6)
I am the beginning and end, the last and the first. (7)

I am the spirit of the living God who holds all power.
I am mercy and save those who run to my mighty tower. (8)

I am patient and I await the calling of my sheep. (9)
I am the true vine but you will sow what you reap. (10)

I am Holy and my love for you have no limitations. (11)
I am God’s Son who died for false accusations. (12)

I am thy shield and hold an exceedingly great reward. (13)
I am not of this world nor are those who follow me said the Lord. (14)

I am the bright morning star and the root of David’s offspring. (15)
I am the Lamb who has ascended to my Father as a righteous king. (16)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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