God will not be mocked and His Word shall come to pass. (1)
Fifteen hundred years of inspired writings will forever last.

All the prophecies of the past, present, and future are true;
God’s promises, parables, predictions, and premonitions too.

God said that the Holy City of Jerusalem is our mother. (2)
He changed Jacob’s name to Israel our Jewish brother. (3)

God said He would restore His people to where they had come from.
When His Kingdom is preached throughout the world then the end will come.

God’s promise was to Abraham and the promised seed was the heir Jesus. (4)
All those who believe in the spiritual seed will be gathered with us. (5)

When the Son of Man returns with His ten thousand angels in all their glory; (6)
Believers will inherit the kingdom prepared thus ending history’s Biblical story.

By Estelle P. Shrum

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