In Job we read everything under Heaven is mine. (1)
The greatness of God’s power is evident and easy to find.

We read in Romans there is no excuse to deny what God hath made. (2)
For all around you is the wisdom and beauty of what God gave.

From the earliest times man has seen the proof of God’s existence.
Still some insist on their own ideas and continue with resistance.

Where were you when the earth’s foundations were laid? (3)
Does a pot argue with the hand with which he was made?

Can you hold back the stars or make the clouds rain?
Can you make the blind see or cure the crippled and lame?

Science argues against an omnipotent Creator.
Is the belief in Creation better or greater?

Theistic evolutionists believe in science and fact.
However their theories are very far from exact.

Biology, geology, archaeology, physiology and ecology;
The data agrees with biblical historiography and chronology.

We deny God’s word by accepting the theory of evolution.
Lo, there will be condemnation and righteous retribution.

Man’s belief in evolution is speculation and simplicity.
The Bible is God’s Word you can count on its authenticity.

By Estelle P. Shrum

1. (Job 41:11)
2. (Ro. 1:20)
3. (Job Chapters 28 & 29)