Why do we worry about yesterday, today, or tomorrow?  (1)
Hasn’t God told us where to cast our woes and sorrow?

Why do we worry about what we eat or what to say?  (2)
Doesn’t the Lord take care of us when we pray?   (3)

Why do we worry about what we sow reap or wear?
God cares for the lilies of the fields and birds of the air?   (4)

Can worrying add a single day to our living?
Isn’t it wiser for us to dwell on thanks giving?

Would God give us a stone when we ask for nourishment?
Will He not give us good gifts along with encouragement?

Let us trust in Him for our comfort, our faith and inspiration.
Do not worry for Jesus Christ has prepared for our salvation.   (5)

By Estelle P. Shrum

1.  (Mt. 6:25-35)

2.  (Mt. 10:19-20)

3.  (Mt  7:7-9)

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5.  (John 14:2),  (1 Cor. 2:9)