They are a people who love the Lord.
They walk softly yet carry a sword.

They walk the narrow road it’s told.
They want you to be part of the fold.

They want you to live life and not fear it.
They care for the salvation of your spirit.

They want you to open your heart to God’s love.
They want you to listen to His voice from above.

They are the people who will light the way.
They are not fanatic’s that some people say.

They know how deeply your pain can run.
They don’t look to the moon, stars or sun.

They rely on the spirit of Jesus within.
They cry for all their transgression and sin.

They wish they had known HIM all their life.
They know there would have been much less strife.

They are not perfect in anyway shape or form.
They gave up their old life and now are reborn.

They walk in baby steps each and every day.
They rely on the Lord and to HIM they pray.

They know the Bible is God’s spoken Word.
They pray for you and hope it’s heard.

By Estelle P.Shrum

(1 Peter 1:13-25), (1 Peter 2:11-17)