When you feel your trials are more than you can bear;
And everything around you seems totally unfair.

When you feel there is no more to give;
And there is no longer a reason to live.

When your spirit shines dull and cold;
And your heart feels like an empty hole.

When all you can do is fret and wonder why;
And you feel there are no more tears to cry.

Then think of Jesus at Gethsemane that night.
Working through hi sturmoil pain and fright. (1)

And think of Him dying on the cross that day. (2)
For the sins of mankind He certainly did pay. (3)

By Estelle P. Shrum

1.  (Mt. 26:38-46)

2.  (Mt. 27:46-50)

3.  (Ac. 2:23)