When we close our eyes from this life to rest.  (1)
Our soul will go back to the Lord and be blessed (2)

We will see the face of Jesus upon opening our eyes.  (3)
We will rest until the Day of Judgment when all will rise (4)

We may be with the apostles or the one hundred and forty-four thousand in choir.  (5)
We may be with the Saints and the martyrs or with the angelsin white attire.  (6)

We may awaken in Hades, the place of departed spirits, where Jesus was sent.  (7)
And many will feel the fire of hell with the unsaved sinners who did not repent.  (8)

Did Jesus not say to the sinner hanging on the cross you will be with me today?  (9)
Was that assertion figurative speech or was he in heaven with Jesus that very day?

When we close our eyes time no longer exists and our spirit goes back to the Lord.  (10)
It doesn’t matter the place that Jesus prepares for us for we will receive our reward.  (11)

It may be in a heavenly kingdom or a heavenly realm but we will be at peace.  (12)
There will be no more pain or suffering our sorrows and tears will cease.  (13)

We do not fear to sleep tonight for if we do not awake, all is well with our soul and we will be alright. (14)
We do not fear our last breath for we will be with Jesus who is the way, the truth, the life, the light. (15)

By Estelle P. Shrum
Dedicated to Larry Hackworth

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