My Lord not only did you suffer and die on the cross for our sin. (1)
You were separated from your father where you had always been. (2)

My Lord we can liken it to a child suddenly being torn from his parent’s arms; (3)
Then being cast down to hell left alone to be tormented by Satan’s charms. (4)

My Lord we have no idea of the darkness or loneliness you must have felt within. (5)
There is no comparison to our deepest sorrow, our worst pain, or most shameful sin.

My Lord, King of Kings, you gave your self over to everything man has endured.
You became the sacrificial Lamb to redeem man so our eternal life would be assured. (6)

My Lord there are no words for us to express how much pain Our sins have caused you.
We can never understand what you felt and all the suffering you went through. (7)

My Lord your love and patience and underserved mercy is so amazing to us.
You loved us in spite of our sins and we did not even give you our trust. (8)

My Lord when we feel weary and alone and fear that you do not understand; (9)
Let us reflect that you came down form heaven and walked this earth as a man.

By Estelle P. Shrum


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