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How can they not see your face? How can they not feel your grace? Wandering aimlessly how do they get through? Those poor souls who do not know you. Have mercy Father show them the way. Open their hearts Lord this I pray. How can they say you are not here? Can’t they touch you and feel you near? How…

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Our Last Breath

When we close our eyes from this life to rest.  (1) Our soul will go back to the Lord and be blessed (2) We will see the face of Jesus upon opening our eyes.  (3) We will rest until the Day of Judgment when all will rise (4) We may be with the apostles or the one hundred and forty-four…

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My Search Has Ended

When I grew from a child to an adult my journey had just begun. There were trials, tribulations, and challenges’ and many songs unsung. My spirit felt empty, mistakes were many, and finding the answers were few. The sad times were heart breaking and happiness was taken for granted too. Learning lessons came at a price and it took its…

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My Lord

My Lord not only did you suffer and die on the cross for our sin. (1) You were separated from your father where you had always been. (2) My Lord we can liken it to a child suddenly being torn from his parent’s arms; (3) Then being cast down to hell left alone to be tormented by Satan’s charms. (4)…

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