Do you not know where to go?
When you are tired and feeling low?

Friends can help us this they say.
Comfort and advice giving what they may.

Where do we hide within our fears?
To whom do we bring our hurt and tears?

How far can we run to get away?
Who can help and in what way?

What do we do with pain so deep?
Is it for our sins that we must reap?

Family can’t comfort us this we know.
And to them we would not want to go.

Our heart aches so very bad.
Our life now is so utterly sad.

Tragedy befalls us all some day.
What we do counts all the way.

There is nowhere on earth to turn.
Hence give it to God for you He yearns.

Get down on your knees and cast your eyes above (1)
Spread out your hands and receive His love (2)

By Estelle P. Shrum

1. (Mt. 11: 28-30)
2. (Isa. 51:12)