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Christ Risen. God Saves Sinners


Baptism is seeing the heart of Lord face to face Baptism is feeling His Almighty power and grace
Baptism is a seal of love and trust that you hold for Him Baptism is the cleansing and washing away all of your sin
Baptism is an act of purity for you to replicate and emulate Baptism is when all the angels rejoice in heaven and celebrate
Baptism brings forth the Holy Spirit offering you a brand new start Baptism unites you with Jesus and gives you peace and kindness of heart
Baptism is the time for you to surrender your soul Baptism is the assurance your salvation is made whole
Baptism is the time to seal your commitment with assurance of fate Baptism is the time to love you brothers and sisters with respect and grace
Baptism is the time to separate from goats and become sheep’s of the fold Baptism is the time to be a bold witness and walk with Jesus on paths of gold
~~Estelle P. Shrum

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