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Christ Risen. God Saves Sinners


It is obvious that evil exists. (1)

It is all around within our midst. (2)

It is the human condition. (3)

It’s rejection to God’s submission.

It is pride that leads the way. (4)

Your heart is hardened and takes you astray. (5)

Evil enters through a stubborn soul. (6)

It is refusal to give up your control. (7)

Look around and what do you see?

It’s a generation where everything is about me. (8)

Evil comes in many different ways. (9)

It takes over one who never prays. (10)

Evil is darkness and there is no light. (11)

It captures your mind and blinds your sight.

Evil is Satanic and comes from a tainted heart.

Only through Jesus can you get a new start. (12)

Pure evil is when God finally turns you over to it. (13)

He grants your heart’s desire and removes His spirit.

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 ~~Estelle P. Shrum


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