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Christ Risen. God Saves Sinners

Are you sick of catering to the minority that will never be satisfied?
Are you sick of being told Islam is a “Religion of Peace”?
Are you sick of Christians being abused, mocked, murdered and discounted all over the world?
Are you sick of having to be politically correct so you don’t offend anyone?
Are you sick of hearing about global warming?
Are you sick of being told to spread the wealth?
Are you sick of having to treat and re-treat drug addicts?
Are you sick of stupid celebrities and their nonsense?
Are you sick of hearing that guns kill and should be banned?
Are you sick of the government telling you your kids can’t have cup cakes in school?
Are you sick of politician’s dictating how much soda you can drink?
Are you sick of far left liberals and far right conservatives arguing about everything?
Are you sick of gays complaining they want more rights…what else can we give them? They have already changed the meaning of marriage in the dictionary.
Are you sick of the “War on Women” that doesn’t really exist? The work force is half women.
Are you sick of 1,349,810,095 babies being aborted world wide and going up every second? But society worries about women smoking.
Are you sick of viable babies being murdered while in the mother’s womb? That means that baby can live if allowed as soon as it’s born.
Are you sick that no one seems to care about anything anymore but them selves?
Are you sick of Academia Professors spreading their atheism?
Are you sick of the Bill Ayers in the world that hate America?
Are you sick of hearing about the Kardashians?
Are you sick of the liberal news media reporting only what they want you to hear?
Are you sick of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?
Are you sick of being called a racist when you disagree with liberals?
Are you sick of the Al Sharpton’s, Jessee Jackson’s and Westboro Baptist Churches in the world spreading hate wherever they go?
Are you sick of the far right folks that only bash the President?
Are you sick of kids texting and can not carry on a conversation?

If this sickens you than please VOTE…that is the only voice we still have.

http://www.numberofabortions.com/ (abortion clock of the world)



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