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Christ Risen. God Saves Sinners

There are people who claim that believing in God is for the mindless and weak. (1)
They reason that religion came to pass is for those who are mild and meek. (2)

They question all faith because the concept of God is vast and divided. (3)
But Jesus said there is only one God with three natures that is undivided. (4)

They wonder why a God would allow the existence of evil and utter madness. (5)
But Jesus prayed tears of blood for the sins of man with great sorrow and sadness. (6)

They say there is no justice and ask where is God in the midst of mass devastation. (7)
But Jesus said I am the light of the world, and will help you in times of desperation. (8)

There are people who put their faith in science and rely on their own understanding (9)
But Jesus said God created everything seen and unseen with no misunderstanding. (10)

They reason that a perfect God would not create human beings who are so lowly. (11)
But Jesus said we should love one another as He loves us, and we too shall be Holy. (12)

They say that life is just what it is and there is no God or a divine plan. (13)
So, how can we understand God’s nature when we look at the nature of man? (14)

The answer is that we have knowledge of good and evil and freedom of choice. (15)
Lo, we are made in His image and through the Holy Spirit we hear His voice. (16)

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