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Christ Risen. God Saves Sinners

Prophecy of Jesus

Prophecy of Jesus the Savior and Kings came to us as a child. (1)
He was born of a virgin who was meek and mild. (2)

He was born two-thousand years ago to make salvation attainable. (3)
His birth was destined and through God’s angel it was explainable. (4)

His coming was spoken from Genesis to Malachi through prophecy. (5)
The Jewish leaders studied the Torah for the Messiah through philosophy. (6)

Everything was predicated and written down from His birth to his resurrection. (7)
Three-hundred and sixty-five prophecies were written about His life of perfection. (8)

The coming of Jesus was so calculated and precise that all should have understood. (9)
But the Jewish leaders expected a King and were blind to Jesus’ ordinary manhood. (10)

Today there are many who discount the life death and resurrection of the Lord. (11)
Those who do not believe are without the Holy Spirit and have lost their reward. (12)

God does not want anyone to be lost to His loving sacrifice so he provided a way. (13)
He commanded His children to preach the good news so no sheep will go astray. (14)

By Estelle P. Shrum

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