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Christ Risen. God Saves Sinners

God gave us all a gift.
Let us use it to uplift.

Some have a gift for caring.
Some have a gift for sharing.

Some have a gift of laughter to brighten our day.
Some have a gift to inspire us by how they pray.

Some have a gift to bring hope so fresh and new.
Some have a gift of words that always ring true.

Some have a gift to teach things so clear.
Some have a gift of calm that stills our fear.

Some have voices that do astound.
Some have smiles that greatly abound.

Some give their all to charity.
Some have vision of clarity.

Some may be common and some unique.
Some may strengthen the feeble and weak.

Some may make the rich feel humble.
Some can build bridges out of rubble.

Whatever your gift is from God above.
Was given specially to you with love.

By Estelle P. Shrum

(Ro. 12:6-8), (1 Cor. 14:11), (1Pe. 4:10-11)


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